an essay on never judge a book by its cover

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Learn how to understand the proverbial narrative "do not judge the book by its cover"
You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover. 4 Pages ... You may tend to notice things about someone's appearance, mannerisms, features, and their company, that you may feel are grounds to pass judgement upon that person. ... There have been others, who respond to me like they have never been out of their houses. They will
In the short story "The Pocketbook Game" was about this black woman named Mildred ,who was carrying a conversation with her friend Marge about a situation involving Mrs.E., a lady she works for. Mildred tells Marge how Mrs. E.always holds her pocketbook close to her every time she is around. So Mildred tells Marge.
It has been said in many ways that the true meaning of a book cannot be judged by looking at its cover alone. This is true for more things than tomes at a library, including people. No one can truly know the characteristics of the person they are talking to, and sometimes a great deal is missed, just by failing to take the time
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Free Essay: A person wearing dirty clothes and eating out of the garbage may behave better. This is why ... Judging a book by the cover only leads to surprises, and in this case, judging a human by dress can lead to surprises as well. Just because a ... First Impressions, Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover Essay. 759 Words | 4
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This proverb means that it is not right to judge someone or something merely by appearance. Just because the cover of a book is beautiful or attractive, it does not mean that the content inside will be of immense value and vice versa. An ordinary looking book may contain invaluable information. To realize that, one has to

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